I’m sending our thanks to Baastudio for agreeing to meet with us to discuss ideas for our study.
What a fantastic afternoon! It was a pleasure to meet Claus and listen to his ideas, and be invited to really consider the space, and what purpose it will serve. Thank you so much, it was wonderful talking to a talented designer
— MEGAN RYAN, 2017
Toni Fitzpatrick Thanks Claus from Baahouse, your design on our “granny house” ( downsizing not downgrading) is amazing. Everything is just perfect. Your ideas are exactly what we wanted and you interpreted our ethos and needs perfectly. Thanks also to Kirby and Dan from Saunders Building for your craftsmanship on this project.
— - Toni Fitzpatrick. SAMFORD VALLEY
Wow, wow wow.
My jaw has dropped and is still sitting on the floor.
The 3D model is very addictive. I kept looking at it thinking “I want to see more.”
I kept thinking “Wow is this our home?”
The finish on the house and garden is amazing. I kept trying to see through the window to see if I could see more
— Rene Scholl, Nerang / 2014
Project management of our job

I came away really impressed with your
knowledge + problem solving solutions while talking to the builders on site.
— Rob McDonald/ 2015
Claus Ejlertsen was instrumental in assuring that our renovations at our home in Clayfield went smoothly, were completed on time and for us were completely stress free. Not only was Claus involved in the design he also sourced out the most competitive builders and managed the entire project. The new renovations were creative, practical and accommodated our requirements. As overseas clients, to us the most important factor of the entire venture was the regular communication we had with Claus, he involved us in every aspect of the building process when required and we looked forward to the weekly photos of the building progress.
We felt at all times that quality and our best interest was Claus’s priority.
— Simon and Desiree Brown / 2013

Need Inspiration or creative design ideas? Should we build New or renovate? Where do we start? What is the cost for building?