What are the services we provide?

House Plans - Master planning -Granny flats - Residential services - Detail design - Construction details -Council approval plans. - Consulting with local authorites. - Sketch plans - Onsite verbal advice - Eco Homes - Sustainable designs - 3d models - Sketch Design (SD) - Building approvals (BA)- Design Development (DD) - Construction Drawings (CD) - Tendering (T) - External works designs - Kitchen designs - Kitchen designs - Bathroom designs- Interior fitouts - Renovations - New Homes - Additions and alterations to houses - Townhouses - Eco Homes - Project management



This will be the best value and investment that you will spend on your project. Why not start the project right from the beginning with the advice of a professional. 

Require advice at your home or property on how to start your renovating process? Building and design advice?  Renovating or building new? Building costs? Council issues? How to deal with builders/ consultants and the process needed to begin your adventure into renovating. 

Then let us help you by booking a 2 hour onsite design service at your property with a professional designer with over 20 years of experience. We will be up front and transparent with you on what can and can't be done with your projects and will come up with new and innovative designs for your project. 

The BAASTUDIO difference is 

1) Transparency with costs 2) We make building a fun process and stress free. 3) We communicate through each stage of the building process 4) We custom design a project for your needs and lifestyle. 

Book a 2hr onsite design service today.






Renovating can be one of the most complicated projects to undertake if not tackled correctly, but if you invest the time and expert advice, it may also be a truly rewarding experience and lifestyle choice!  

At BAAstudio we understand construction and what it takes to renovate your old home.

There is a process that has to be followed when renovating to make sure you get the right outcome. 

There are many aspects to consider when renovating. 

• What type of style do you like?

• What is your budget?

• What do typical renovations cost?

• Do you know the building process?

• How long would my renovation take?

• Do I need council approval?

• What consultants do I need to use?

• Does BAAstudio design kitchens and interiors?

• How do I get building approval?

• How do I start?

• What are the first steps I should take?

• Does BAAstudio manage the job to completion?

• What do you need to provide us with?

• Can we stage our project? 

Let us guide you through the process, and help you save money through the building process stage, while still achieving a custom / unique house that will suit your new life style needs. 

Let the experts help you


Do you want a design unique to your lifestyle?

We can tailor design a "one of a kind house" to suit your lifestyle. At BAAstudio we have over 20 years of experience at designing unique houses for our clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Building a new house can be a daunting challenge but unlike renovations you start on a blank canvas; you are less hindered by the existing structure and layout of the house, any defects, variations, not to mention the unknowns such as the condition of plumbing, termite damage, water damage etc.

At  BAAstudio we have put together a consultation flowchart which will help you understand the process from start to beginning.

 Below are a few key factors in building a new home. 

- The key for building a new house is understanding the site.

- Understanding Design versus cost.

- Understanding your lifestyle needs now and in the future and your preferred architectural style, e.g. Contemporary, Coastal, Hampton, Retro.

- It is important to choose the right company to design for you. 


Apartments / townhouses / schools 

- Apartment fitouts

- New designs

- Office interior fitout / design

- Masterplanning for pre-approvals

- Get the maximiun yield on your site