A modern Beach style house extension - completed 2016

Located on the Beach front at Woody Point, Brisbane this existing 3 level house boosted a perfect location but lacked any sense of style/shade/privacy and felt like a large fish bowl with floor to ceiling windows on both levels for people to look in; creating an unpleasant house to live in. The existing home did not feature any decking out towards the beach, no shade and no place for the client to come home and simply relax.

The clients brief was to renovate the existing house to create an inviting tropical retreat house that they could enjoy when at home, but also a place that would blend into the beautiful surroundings of the water and bay.

The rear of the house was extended out towards the ocean making the rooms larger. Decks were built on each level creating an aesthetic façade with sliding shutters for privacy and protection from the prevailing wind.

Large overhangs and a cover link was built to provide protection from the sun, clad in cedar timber lining, along with the ceilings to the upper levels. We also introduced Rosewood timber which complimented the cedar ceilings providing the house with a sense of warmth and richness resulting in a more inviting home.

The 3rd floor upper level was extended so an office could be located here maximising the views. We introduced exposed rafters in the ceilings with exposed outriggers giving the space a nautical beach feel.

Changing the layout of the stairs we opened up the whole of the house to the magnificent views creating light and air to flow through to the upper levels of the house.

This house is now an inviting and aesthetically pleasing home where the family can enjoy their living spaces. They have a nicer outlook and access to the beach, more privacy, warmth and character to the interior spaces internally. We trust that our client and his family will enjoy this renovated home for many years to come.