THE GAP- Renovation


An existing hill-side shack located at The Gap had a fantastic location and site, however the house was becoming too small for the growing family, lacked privacy from the street frontage as well as minimal connection to the outside. Because of the steep site, there was no space at the front; only land at the rear of the house on the slope that was unusable. There was also no street presence or appeal when you first arrived at the property.

The brief from the clients was to create a large family home that could accommodate the future family and create an exciting space at the front of the house. The renovation boasts a modern contemporary style also featuring a large covered deck space. This was built above the carport pushing the deck to the front of the boundary allowing the front part of the block now usable and connected to the house. 

With the large timber sliding door leading out from the new kitchen and dining areas, the entire house has become an indoor-outdoor space that can be used all year round. This has doubled the footprint of the house. Along with the deck at the front, a small plunge pool was built to the front boundary giving the family a pool to relax in during the hot summer months of Brisbane. The design of the property demonstrates how you can utilise the entire use of your property regardless of the site conditions or slope.

Along with the new kitchen and renovation work at the lower level, a new 2nd level was designed above the house which accommodates the family retreat and kids rooms. These rooms are elevated amongst the nature with views overlooking the lush valley from the bedrooms. At this level we have connected the house to the the rear of the property. 

By constructing new large 3.2m high ceilings inside, installing large sliding doors and connecting the house to the outdoors we have transformed this existing house into a modern tropical house that will enhance the lifestyle of the owners but will also give them the sense of space and enjoyment for the future.

Visit the before and after page to see the changes.



indoor_outdoor living brisbane, The Gap House renovation

So what are the key elements in converting your existing home into a stunning EXTENSION?

1) Creating Fabulous Outdoor spaces. Your external space should be as well designed

as your interior space to connect the spaces together.

2) Natural and Artificial lighting/large windows / shutters.

3) Inviting spaces.

4) Floors, walls + ceilings. 

5) Interior detail.

6)  Homely features, Furniture, Accessories.

7)  Cabinet details, lighting details, plumbing details.