BAASTUDIO + BAAHOUSE  are award winning Brisbane architects and designers providing residential and commercial architectural services in Queensland, Australia. Specialities include home renovations and additions, new home designs, sustainable housing designs, and architectural building design for commercial buildings including multi-level apartments, townhouses, resorts, office buildings and office interior fitouts.


advice to completion

Let us help you make the process easy.. here from the experts

Starting a new project / building a house or renovating can be a daunting task. There can be so many obstacles, advice from varies people,knowing which consultants or builders to use and how much is the project going to cost me?  

Before you start any project, you need professional advice in understanding your site, your local council requirements and how the new design is going to tie into your existing structure, as well as the design and construction process and what consultants are required.

At BAAstudio, unlike many other companies, we offer an onsite design consultation to provide you with the advice and tools to help you with your residential project. This normally takes 1-2 hours at your property where we talk about all aspects of your project along with providing free hand sketches for you on site. One of our Designers or Architects will take you through the entire process of your job and will be transparent with costs and what can or cannot be done on your specific property.

Meet with you on your site to consult and discuss; 

-Site location/orientation and views.

-Best suited design and layout.

-Preferred style and materials.

-Lifestyle and function.

Stage 1 also includes;

-Master plan for entire project.


-Measured drawings of existing house (if applicable).

-Project brief.

-Master plan will be done for your entire project, combining of house and external work.

-Sketch design plans + elevations are shown the client.

-3d model of design (Optional)

-Prelim plan and prelim costing proposal to client (Optional)

-Materials are indicated on plans

-Drawings are sent to estimator for costing (Optional)

-Material option selected


stage 1



measured drawings

+ masterplanning +

sketch design


                               STAGE 2                              



                               consultants +


                               design development

-Surveyor to be organised to come to site if required.

-Plans are drawn on site plan and finalised inclusive of dimensions and elevations. 

-All elevations and sections are detailed.

-External works plan.

-All levels and site parameters are worked out and considered. 

-Schedule of finishes provided showing materials (optional).

-Drawings sent to Certifier for confirmation. 

-Drawings are sent to consultants.

-Engineers engaged to complete documentation.


-All documentation is finished & worked in conjunction with relevant consultants (Surveyor, Engineers, soil test report, Certifier). 

-Documents include: Site plans, floor plans, roof plan, elevations, sections + door and window schedule. 1:100 scale

-Final drawings are lodged to the local Certifiers. 

-Final construction details/drawings given to the Builder.

-Schedule of finishes at Stage 3 showing all materials and selections that are to be used. 

This is inclusive of;

-Door and window schedule.


-Electrical/lighting (optional).

-Kitchen and bathroom layouts (optional).


stage 3


+ building approval

-Construction drawings/details.  1:50, 1:20 scale.

-External work details.

-Kitchen + Bathroom wet area details. 

-Specification + schedule of finishes. 

-Job is sent out to tender / tender process with 3-4 builders. 

-Review of all tenders and are made and recommendation is made.

-Final contracts between client and builder are signed.

-Construction work will begin.

-Project management of job with weekly inspections from the architect.


stage 4

construction details

building tender + project managment