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Aug 2018 Newsletter
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David Bartle Builders have just won Masterbuilders 2018 Individual house of the year award for one of our Baahouse Design projects in Lota/Brisbane. A great effect to all involved in the project. Visit our website for more images and information.
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Baahouse & Baastudio would like to introduce our new senior Architect Harry Peterson.

Harry has 38 years’ experience as a registered architect in both Queensland and Victoria.
Born and raised in the Bayside area, Harry gained his Architectural Degree at the University of Queensland, where he was awarded the Board of Architects Prize for “Most Proficient”. His designs have been awarded many times since, including:
· HIA Brisbane Home of the Year
· HIA Queensland Display Home of the Year
· HIA SE Queensland Display Home of the Year
· QMBA Best Low-Rise Multi-Residential Housing over $2.5 million, and
Australian Nightclub of the year. Harry has a deep passion for the history, culture and geography of Moreton Bay. He draws inspiration from his studies of traditional and modern lifestyles, art and geography of the region. His designs result in an informal, relaxed architecture, which can only be described as uniquely “Bayside”.

Master planning - Interior design - Building approval - constructions drawings - feasibility study - residential house design - project management

Danish Hygge Styling

Here at BAAHOUSE & BAASTUDIO we believe that great residential design not only includes structural elements and careful selection of materials and features, but our houses should also feel like home.

Travelling to Denmark, staying with family and visiting some of the interior design stores made us realise how important it is to incorporate some Danish design principles here in Australia when creating living spaces to be enjoyed and ultimately bring people together.

The little book of Hygge – The Danish way to live by Meik Wiking describes how to create atmosphere and bring comfort and peace into your home so we wish to share some of these design principles with you. As one of the happiest nations in the world (World Happiness Report 2018) maybe it’s worth taking note of.

The Danes love light, whether it’s the soft dim light of candles, a beautifully designed Louie Poulson or DHS lamp or maximising light through windows and light coloured (any shade of white) walls. This must be the key to staying positive throughout their long dark winters and while we don’t have that problem in Australia we still need to ensure that we carefully consider how light works in our living spaces. We can design to filter out direct sun so the light in our homes is softer and incorporate carefully chosen lamp shades and bulbs to create a soft and welcoming space.


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Danish homes feature neutral tones and colours, shades of white for the wall colour, timber flooring and furnished with soft grey and brown tones. Scandinavians appreciate organic and natural materials and bring this into their living spaces via natural fibres such as wood, wool, leather as well as incorporating greenery in the home with indoor plants.
There is no shortage of layering textiles and texture with cushions and blankets which are then used to take outside in summer to enjoy the long Scandinavian nights.
The natural feel and cosiness of these textures and great company will warm anyone’s soul.

The Danes live and breathe design in every aspect of their lives which is evident in their homes. Not only are the walls covered with art works but every item from the furniture to the simplest of kitchen utensils serves not only a functional purpose but also a design piece. Here are a few from my favourite Danish design store to illustrate my point.

Hampton House Hawthorne / Brisbane due for completion next month. Our existing Queenslander house gets a Grand Hampton make over. We are all excited about this project on its final stages of construction. We can't wait to share the completed images once it is finished.

Let us help you with your project

Book a 2 hour onsite design consultation today for only $395* subject to location

What we offer:
1. Initial investigations regarding your site
2. Travel to and from site (subject to location)
3. The meeting itself
a. Confirming client ideas & brief
b. Discussing client budget
c. Discussing key site issues
4. Baahouse + Baastudio introductory forms
5. Onsite sketches
6. Post meeting investigations into any specific items discussed on site
7. Drafting of fee submission or turn-key engagement if requested
8. Any further correspondence

*Within 50km of our studio.

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There are four critical elements for ensuring a quality design for your home. At BAAstudio we believe in providing you with a professional service that involves you through the process so your renovation or new home project runs as smoothly as possible and is custom designed for you.



1 Brief

The brief must be clear, precise and encompass all the specifications/requirements for the building project from budget to design. Without a clear brief there will be a misunderstanding between the designer and the agreed scope of work. You could end up paying for drawings that cannot be built within your budget. It is important to communicate your lifestyle needs and tastes along with your proposed budget upfront.


Drawings must be precise, detailed and tie in with all of the consultant documents. Without proper drawings, the builder and contractors will have difficulty interpreting the detail of the project, the quality of the job will suffer, timeframes will be extended resulting in variations, increasing costs and leading to many negotiations with the builder. It is important to remember the builder is only as good as the drawings provided-having the correct set of drawings will save you money!!!

Choosing the right design and Architect company.

It is also important to choose the right design professional or building company to ensure a successful design. Some questions to ask yourself during consultations to help you determine if the company/design professional is right for you includes:

1.      Does the housing design/drafting professional demonstrate the ability to come up with creative solutions to provide you with a custom and unique design that suits your lifestyle needs and tastes?

2.      What are their fees for the entire job? Has this been clearly communicated to you?

3.      Who in the company is designing your home or renovation – director, principal designer, draftsperson or technician? Does the fee reflect the level of expertise?

4.      What services does the company provide during construction? This is where a project manager will negotiate with builders and contractors on behalf of the client for the best outcome.

5.      Can the designer/draftsperson or builder provide you with onsite ideas and understand what the project will cost you?

6.      Are you provided with schedule progress meetings and informed during the various stages of drawing, planning and construction process? What involvement do you have throughout the project?



Your design/project will only be as good as the builder. Questions to ask yourself when searching for a reputable builder include:

1.      Does the builder have residential experience?

2.      Is the builder hands on with the building projects or does he just do paperwork?

3.      Does the builder communicate to you and cares about the quality of the work produced or he just driven by profit margins?

At BAAstudio we have a team of builders we can recommend to see your project through. We also tender every job to make sure you get a competitive price.


After you have read through all of the attached documents we can provide an onsite design consultation /advice service with an Architect/Designer.

There are some basic questions we have attached which will help us understand a little about you and the project along with information about your budget, master planning and the stages.