LOTA- Renovation

House Renovation to existing beach Cottage

A Post war cottage / house location in Lota/Manly was becoming too small for a family of 4 and needed to be extended to accommodate 2 new bedrooms but also opened up to give the house a sense of openness and create additional living areas for the family to enjoy and to be connected to the outdoors. 

By creating high level ceilings in the bedrooms we added much needed space as well as height and light to the rooms with high level louvres. Mezzanine beds were also built in the high level space to create more room for the kids.

The use of high level ply ceilings creates warmth to the room . All of the rooms in the front of the house were removed to create open living which meant the house felt a-lot bigger and the new kitchen became the heart of the house which is the main focus from all of the rooms. 

The new renovation included a new bathroom, kitchen, new spotted timber flooring and a new footprint making the house 70sqm larger.

So what are the key elements in converting your existing home into a stunning EXTENSION?

1) Creating Fabulous Outdoor spaces. Your external space should be as well designed

as your interior space to connect the spaces together.

2) Natural and Artificial lighting/large windows / shutters.

3) Inviting spaces.

4) Floors, walls + ceilings. 

5) Interior detail.

6)  Homely features, Furniture, Accessories.

7)  Cabinet details, lighting details, plumbing details.