What are the most important stages to getting a great design?

A BRIEF-This must be clear, precise and have all the information/aspects which you require on the job from budget to design. Without a clear brief there will be a misunderstanding between the architect and agreed scope of work

DRAWINGS-Must be precise, detailed, be clear and tie in with all of the consultant documents. Without proper drawings the job will suffer and there will be variation after variation along with arguments with the builder.

Remember the builder is only as good as the drawings provided, having the correct set of drawings will save you money!!!

ARCHITECT-it is important to choose the right Architect or company. Here are some questions that you should ask.

1) How interested is the Architect in your project?

2) What are the Architects fees for the entire job? Does he really know this?

3) Who in the Company will be working the project?

4) Has the Architect explained the different stages required?

5) What services does the Architect provide during the construction?

6) Can the Architect provide you with onsite ideas and understand what the project will cost you?

7) Does the Architect provide meetings and sketches along the different stages and what involvement do you have throughout the job/process?

8) Is the Architect a designer? Does he have creative ideas and can he think outside of the box to give you a unique design that will suit your lifestyle needs

At BAAstudio we do all of this and care about you by giving you a professional personal service?

BUILDER-This is like doing an oil painting or creating a sculpture. You design/project will only be as good as the builder. Does the builder have residential experience? Is he hands on or does he just do paperwork?. Does the builder communicate to you and does he have the same goal as you or he just driven by profit margins?

At BAAstudio we have a team of builders we can recommend which will help you see your project through. We also tender every job to make sure you get a competitive price.

So what is the next step?

After you have read through all of the attached documents we can provide an onsite design/advice service with an Architect or designer.

There are some basic questions we have attached which will help us understand a little about you and the project along with information about your budget, master planning and the stages.

Below are the services which we can provide:

-House Plans

-Granny flats

- Residential architectural services

- Detail design

- Construction details

-Council approval plans.

- Consulting with local authorities.

- Sketch plans

- Onsite verbal advice

- Eco Homes

Sustainable designs

- 3D models

- Sketch Design (SD)

- Building approvals (BA)

- Design Development (DD)

- Construction Drawings (CD)

- Tendering (T)

- External works designs/ landscape design

- Kitchen designs

- Bathroom designs

- Interior fitouts

- Renovations

- New Homes

- Additions and alterations to houses

- Townhouses

- Eco Homes

- Project management

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