Ditch Mass-Produced Buildings; Choose Healthy, Affordable Sustainability with an BAAHOUSE + BAASTUDIO Instead

More and more, Australians are being herded into prison-like homes that simultaneously offer no community, no privacy, and no connection to nature. Under the guise of sustainability, these poorly built structures rob us of a good return on our investments, a safe place to raise our children and doom us to lives of mediocrity. In the end, modern house-building techniques in Australia will leave us with devalued homes and communities devoid of vibrancy.

Sure, houses of today are larger than ever before with green features such as solar panels and rainwater catchment tanks, suggesting an increase in affluence and prosperity. But in reality, these houses are far from what anyone can truly call sustainable. Mass-produced, these homes use shoddy methodology, low-quality materials, and cookie-cutter designs that lack imagination, resiliency, and lasting value.

Plunked down onto a site like tightly-packed sardines and without green spaces, our children have nowhere to play cricket, learn how to ride bikes, or play in treehouses. The fact that our homes are installed only two metres away from adjacent houses means we can watch the television playing in our neighbour’s living room with ease. Yet, there’s no real community here. The lack of privacy imposed by such cramped conditions forces us to draw the curtains to block each other out.

Worse yet, these homes are planned without any consideration to how they fit into the local environment. After razing the local ecosystem to the ground, homes are built on bear soil and little is done to restore green spaces. No breezes can be felt; no birds can be heard; and there are no trees as far as the eye can see. This disconnect steals from us the stress-relieving, joy-infusing stability offered by regular contact with the natural world.

Meanwhile, developers collect higher profits than ever before with no long-term consideration for the impact their developments have on human and environmental wellness. When asked what they think of these buildings, they admit they’d never live in a mass-produced house of their own making.

This short-term thinking will destine us to raise our families in developments that no doubt will be barren, neglected, cracked, and abandoned in 10 years’ time. Housing values will fall, miring thousands in communities that offer no comfort, no contentedness, and no way out.

Why do we put up with these conditions?

Thankfully, there is another way. Like so many Queenslanders who own old traditional hardwood houses that maintain their character year after year and are joyful places in which to live, you too can create a home you love and enjoy from generation to generation.

Rather than relying on corner-cutting, unimaginative builders, developers, drafters, and designers to create our homes, you should be seeking the wise council of architects who have been sufficiently trained in the art of sustainable construction and the impact the built environment has on our wellbeing. Taking your hopes and dreams for how you will use your home and what you need to achieve rest and tranquillity into consideration, an architect can design plans and layouts that fit your unique requirements.

What’s more, an architect can do all of this without having to design an expensive 300 square metre monstrosity to accomplish your goals. With a keen understanding of how to use space efficiently, good architects can help you design a home that makes the most out of every square centimetre within half the size of today’s homes. In this way, they’re able to make small spaces feel spacious to help you save money and to leave you room on your property for green space and a place for your family to enjoy the outdoors.

Even better, a good architect knows how to create truly sustainable spaces. By understanding your site and with knowledge of how to effectively create layouts that encourage natural circulation and passive heating and cooling, an architect can design a low-energy home that will reduce your utility bills for decades to come.

BAASTUDIO is just such an architectural firm. We’re working to change the home-design process in Australia by educating homeowners on how to live better by creating unique, special environments. At baastudio, we design healthy, affordable spaces that are also sympathetic to your site and surroundings.

In fact, BAASTUDIO is so proud of our work, that we’d live in any of the houses we design. That’s more than your average developer can claim.

claus ejlertsen